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Got a tea craving?

You dont have to be ashamed on teajunkie.com

All the Info and tea you need to satisfy your soul

The Orignal Junkie
DavidAMilo@gmail.com TeaJunkie.com. 

What We Offer

  • A place to learn about tea and its benefits
  • we allow junkies to compare teas and tastes with fellow junkies
  • TeaJunkie.com is the perfect place to purchase all your tea and tea paraphernalia ie. pots cups
  • customizable gifts like personalized cups and pots for yourself or others
  • allow junkies to read and write their own reviews for others to read
  • access other top tea websites
  • Create and save your own junkie home to keep track of your most and least favorite teas. Once you have enough favorites, TeaJunkie.com will start to recommend tea's based on your favorites.... Are you a Green junkie or an Oolong junkie??

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