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My name is David Milo. I am currently a student at West Virginia University. Tea loving college students are hard to come by and everyday when i have my cup(s) of tea I feel alone. That soothing 15 min a day i spend drinking tea alone is where the idea for TeaJunkie.com was created.

TeaJunkie.com is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come and feel safe from the outside world and its alienation of tea drinkers by all those snotty coffee drinkers out there.

We all want to be comfortable. feel comfortable at TeaJunkie.com. what I hope to to provide to all the sophisticated "tea'ers" out there is a site soley devoted to tea. Sounds exciting huh? well to me and all those similar to me it is. Tea is great for the mind body and soul. read on to find out how.

On TeaJunkie.com primary attention is paid to the real tea lovers and catering to you is what we are all about. check out what we offer. If you love something from other tea sites and want to see it on TeaJunkie.com or have ideas of your own let me know.
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